iHIS© – The Ecosystem (Stardust Network©)

The Ethereum Blockchain System called STARDUST NETWORK© is a Security System for T.I.C. – Total Implemented Communication of Data Packets (in/out) within the same ETH Blockchain, but which allows interaction between the Intelligent Hardware Interface System (also called iHIS© Central Unit) with all external devices connected via WiFi and Bluetooth systems (already set up by internal dedicated hardware and softwares, designed to exchange data with the iHIS© Central Unit.) STARDUST NETWORK© WiFi and Bluetooth systems with data transit full checked and monitored by OUTSIDE CONTROL SYSTEM© (OCTech©). This is also own private mining system to collect ETH Cryptocurrency 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

STARDUST NETWORK© and OUTSIDE CONTROL SYSTEM© (OCTech©) with EXTERNAL DEVICES represent our ECOSYSTEM STRUCTURE. Infos available now to the dedicated e-mail address : stardustnetwork@ihis.tech. Write to our Technical Team !.