iHIS© – Assets (Financial Investments) 

You can buy your assets as Investor or Contributor to a Fast & Growing Revolution upon a New World Financial A.I. – ERA. iHIS© program can also guarantee a true Revenue of 8% Monthly, each month to 24 times for 2 full years. All real !. Contributor may start investing into iHIS© program from 2.000,00 € to 50.000,000 €. Investor gain his money from 50.0000,00 € to 100.000,00 € for a guaranteed true Revenue of 4% Monthly, each month to 24 times for 2 full years. (***) Infos to the dedicated e-mail : assets@ihis.tech.

BANK : Western Union International Bank GmbH

IBAN : AT911988013829111201
BRANCH ADDRESS : The Icon Vienna (Turm 24) Wiedner Gürtel 13
CITY : Wien
ZIP : 1100

COUNTRY : Austria (AT)

Follow carefully : before operating ever ask to the transit code through our dedicated e-mail contact (***)


Intelligent hardware interface system (iHIS©) is a technology that combines artificial intelligence, advanced hardware and software capabilities to improve the user experience and simplify interactions with electronic devices.

iHIS© can be applied in different areas of finance, such as: – Risk management: iHIS© can help monitor, analyze and prevent financial risks, such as credit risk, market risk and operational risk.

iHIS© can use deep and machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies, fraud and cyber attacks, and provide solutions in real time.

Customer assistance: iHIS© can offer personalized and interactive assistance to customers of financial services, such as banks, insurance companies and investment companies.

iHIS© can use voice, visual and gestural interfaces to communicate with customers in a natural and intuitive way, and provide information, advice and support.

Product innovation: iHIS© can help create new financial products that exploit the potential of artificial intelligence and hardware.

iHIS© can use computer vision, auditory analysis and augmented and virtual reality to offer immersive and engaging experiences to customers, and increase the added value of products.